The investment arena is one in which many wealthy families may be inadequately served. Many longstanding, trustworthy financial institutions that frequently manage wealth do not have a process for integrating professional money management with advanced estate planning. This can leave a gaping hole in your planning due to an inherent lack of coordination between your investment planning and other planning disciplines.

In addition, some long-standing institutions are not yet incorporating creative non-traditional investment opportunities into the planning process. Many people are surprised to learn that two-thirds of the world's investment opportunities fall into what's currently considered "non-traditional". Whether or not these vehicles make sense for you, you deserve the opportunity to evaluate their potential.

We offer specialized knowledge of multiple investment firms and a cross-disciplinary approach typically reserved only for the largest clients of those firms. Our industry-leading technology allows you to view all available assets - even those held by outside brokers or money managers - on one consolidated statement.

We estimate that less than 1% of affluent individuals have a written Statement of Investment Policy (IPS).

Consider whether you would embark on a project to build your dream home without first working with an architect to carefully and tangibly record your vision.

In our process, no decisions are made until this blueprint of mutual understanding is clearly in place.

The IPS is a document that clearly outlines your objectives and constraints; return requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, taxes, cash flow and liquidity needs. In addition, it should include how you would like to be reported to and how your advisors should communicate with one another.

This document tells your advisors, in your words, how you would like your portfolio to be constructed and defines what you expect of them.

We advise all our clients to create an Investment Policy Statement and have any and all advisors sign off on it before they manage your money. This avoids overlap and allows our clients to stick to the plan.

In volatile markets, sticking to the plan is the key to successfully reaching your goals.